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Google Play error "df-dferh-01" in Android 6 Marshmallow

Google Play error "df-dferh-01" in Android 6 Marshmallow

Today I finally fixed my favorite Nexus 5 (D821), which I broke 3-4 month ago, by drooping it on a stone floor. All that time it was lying on a shelf in turned off state and waited for me. It is so pleasant to use it again. Unfortunately I found one unexpected problem. Google Play was not working, saying:

df-dferh-01 — error retrieving information from server

The solution which I quickly found on google like options "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" in application section was not found in android 6 , marshmallow. So it took some time to find the proper one:

  1. Settings → Accounts → Google → select it
  2. Press menu → select "Remove Account" → then add your account
  3. Restart

 And now I'm enjoying clear google again!